Carpet Tile Installation

Installation: Designer flooring made easy

A key benefit of carpet tiles is the ease with which they can be installed, removed and replaced. As well as offering a high degree of flexibility, this feature of carpet tiles also translates into a relatively low level of wastage compared to other floor covering methods.

The process of installing carpet tiles is very simple and straightforward, and as a result large areas can be laid in a short time. For customers, this represents a significant benefit in cost terms.

Essentially, the installers simply need to tile from the centre of the room to the edges, either free-laying the tiles or using a very small volume of low-tack adhesive to ensure a firm fit. Edge tiles are cut to fit.

The modular concept has another inherent advantage for installers: because the tiles are only attached to the floor with low-tack adhesive, (such as Morley’s JM300 surface tackifier) errors can be quickly rectified by simply lifting the tiles and starting again. However this is rarely necessary because the installation process is so straightforward.

Easy, clean, neat, quick and flexible, carpet tiles make light work of large or small installations.

The main laying patterns are: